A very big group of nouns ending in –ь (soft sign) could be either Feminine or Masculine. The Gender of these nouns could be found in the dictionaries.

1. Nouns denoting males («natural masculines») are Masculine:

гость – guest, водитель – driver, учитель – teacher, писатель – writer, царь – Tzar, король – king, вратарь – goalkeeper, etc.

2. Names of months ending in –ь are all Masculine:

январь – January, февраль – February, etc.

3. «Natural» feminines are all Feminine:

мать – mother, дочь – daughter, etc.

4. Nouns ending in –знь, –сть, – сь are Feminine:

жизнь – life, новость – news, подлись – signature, etc.

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