On September 20th, Apple released the iOS 10 and macOS Sierra updates. These updates are incompatible with a number of software applications. The most critical is the removal of the PPTP protocol which enabled campus Mac users to connect to Unpad’s virtual private network, vpn.unpad.ac.id.

If you have a computer that has macOS Sierra installed on it and need a VPN client that supports PPTP, Unpad has obtained access to Shimo VPN Client for Mac. Unpad Students can download Shimo for free at https://www.shimovpn.com/students/. Once there, complete the request form, selecting Universitas Padjadjaran as your school in question 2. Follow the tutorial in step 4 to connect to Unpad’s VPN.

Set up your VPN connection:

  1. Click the Shimo icon in top toolbar.
  2. Click Add a VPN Account. The Preferences: Account window opens.
  3. Click the + button located in bottom left corner.
  4. Select PPTP/L2PT for VPN account type and click Create.
  5. Enter settings as shown below.
    Remote Host: vpn.unpad.ac.id
    Username: YourID
    Password: YourID password
  6. Close the Preferences: Account window by clicking the red button in top left corner.

Connect to vpn.unpad.ac.id

  1. Click the Shimo icon in top menu bar again and then click vpn.unpad.ac.id. You will know that you are connected when you see a 2 displayed inside the Shimo icon in the top menu bar and if you click the icon the indicator next to vpn.unpad.ac.id will be green.
  2. To disconnect, simply click on the Shimo icon and then click vpn.unpad.ac.id.  The green light will go out and the 1 will be removed from inside of icon.

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