This article is aimed at absolute beginners who want get into the field of software development. Experienced developers who want to check out the Student Developer Pack will also find this useful. The GitHub Student Developer Pack is one of the best resources that will get students start out as developers — Not only do you get free access to all of GitHub’s pro features, such as private repositories, you’ll also get access to over 20 different developer tools and courses to keep you busy.

Here I’m trying to make a logical step-by-step guide to use the resources so that you can make the most out of the pack.

How to avail the pack?

You can view the Student Developer Pack and all the things that come with it by going here

First of all you need to have a GitHub account in order to avail the Student Developer Pack. Clicking on “Get the Pack” will prompt you to sign up with your GitHub account so that it can authorize your profile with the request for the pack.

After signing up, you will have submit some basic information :

  1. Name
  2. School/Institution-issued email address
  3. Name your school / institution, and
  4. Describe how you plan to use GitHub.

After entering all the necessary information, you can hit the “submit request” button and wait for your confirmation email.

And foilaaaah… You are now a member of the GitHub Student Developer Pack. Congratulations!

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