10 Movies About Pandemics You Should Stream Right Now

The last thing anyone needs right now is to be afraid. The COVID-19 pandemic’s death toll is rising by the day, and that’s enough to instill fear in even the most lionhearted person. As a result, most people are locking themselves indoors until the crisis is contained. However, while some of those people will be […]

Tracking your manuscript status in journal submission systems

Most journals have online submission systems, which have definitely made it easier and quicker for authors to submit their manuscripts. This is because online submission has completely abolished the uncertainty of postal speed, an obstacle faced when manually submitting a manuscript. In addition, online submission has also eliminated the need for several emails, saving the […]

Shimo VPN Client for Unpad Students

On September 20th, Apple released the iOS 10 and macOS Sierra updates. These updates are incompatible with a number of software applications. The most critical is the removal of the PPTP protocol which enabled campus Mac users to connect to Unpad’s virtual private network, vpn.unpad.ac.id. If you have a computer that has macOS Sierra installed […]