The Gender Agreement Between Nouns and Characterizing Words In The Singular

The adjectives and adjectival words are registered in the dictionaries in the Masculine. You can make other gender forms on your own if you follow the rules which will be stipulated further. The gender agreement between nouns and adjectives The Masculine adjectival endings which a foreign learner may trace from the dictionary are as follows: […]

Foreign Indeclinable Nouns and Their Gender Agreement

There is a group of nouns of foreign origin in Russian which do not decline. E.g. шоссе – highway радио – radio (set) метро – subway кино – movies, cinema такси – taxi ателье – studio, dress shop кафе – cafe бюро – office купе – compartment интервью – interview All these words are Neuter […]

How to Establish The Gender of Place Names

All the place names could be divided into 2 groups: First Group The place names have the endings which formally fit the Russian system of endings: M. Китай, Тайланд, Вьетнам, Амур, Енисеи – онF. Россия, Финляния, Америка, Волга – онаN. Приморье – оно Second Group There are many place names which do not fit the […]

Replacing Singular Nouns by Personal Pronouns

A noun could be replaced by the following personal pronouns depending on the established gender: 1. Masculine nouns by он – he, it Где ваш друг? «» Вот он. Где ваш дом? «» Вот он. 2. Feminine nouns by она – she, it Где ваша машина? «» Вот она. Где ваша мама? «» Вот она. […]

The Gender of Soft Sign Nouns

A very big group of nouns ending in –ь (soft sign) could be either Feminine or Masculine. The Gender of these nouns could be found in the dictionaries. 1. Nouns denoting males («natural masculines») are Masculine: гость – guest, водитель – driver, учитель – teacher, писатель – writer, царь – Tzar, король – king, вратарь […]

10 Reasons Why You May Want to Learn The Russian Language

You might already have your own good reasons for learning Russian. Perhaps you like the sound of the Russian accent, or admire the Russian ballet and literature, or want to get a Russian girlfriend or meet your prince charming. Maybe you plan to do business in Russia or simply want to visit Moscow as a […]