10 Movies About Pandemics You Should Stream Right Now

The last thing anyone needs right now is to be afraid. The COVID-19 pandemic’s death toll is rising by the day, and that’s enough to instill fear in even the most lionhearted person. As a result, most people are locking themselves indoors until the crisis is contained. However, while some of those people will be choosing to distract themselves with some lighthearted entertainment, others are turning to movies that force them to confront their anxieties, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

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Guide to GitHub’s Student Developer Pack

This article is aimed at absolute beginners who want get into the field of software development. Experienced developers who want to check out the Student Developer Pack will also find this useful. The GitHub Student Developer Pack is one of the best resources that will get students start out as developers — Not only do you get free access to all of GitHub’s pro features, such as private repositories, you’ll also get access to over 20 different developer tools and courses to keep you busy.

Here I’m trying to make a logical step-by-step guide to use the resources so that you can make the most out of the pack.

How to avail the pack?

You can view the Student Developer Pack and all the things that come with it by going here

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Tracking your manuscript status in journal submission systems

Most journals have online submission systems, which have definitely made it easier and quicker for authors to submit their manuscripts. This is because online submission has completely abolished the uncertainty of postal speed, an obstacle faced when manually submitting a manuscript. In addition, online submission has also eliminated the need for several emails, saving the author from rummaging through different versions of the document. Thus, it is a boon to authors who are no longer vulnerable to losing out on important suggestions for change before publication, merely due to cluttered email. Once a manuscript is submitted, the online article tracking system allows authors to follow the journey of their manuscript. Post submission, authors experience a lot of anxiety, and it is natural for them to keep checking their manuscript or article status.

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Shimo VPN Client for Unpad Students

On September 20th, Apple released the iOS 10 and macOS Sierra updates. These updates are incompatible with a number of software applications. The most critical is the removal of the PPTP protocol which enabled campus Mac users to connect to Unpad’s virtual private network, vpn.unpad.ac.id.

If you have a computer that has macOS Sierra installed on it and need a VPN client that supports PPTP, Unpad has obtained access to Shimo VPN Client for Mac. Unpad Students can download Shimo for free at https://www.shimovpn.com/students/. Once there, complete the request form, selecting Universitas Padjadjaran as your school in question 2. Follow the tutorial in step 4 to connect to Unpad’s VPN.

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Belajar Dari Peradaban Tembok Cina

Ketika masyarakat China zaman dulu berkeinginan untuk dapat hidup dengan aman sentosa, mereka pun membangun tembok China raksasa yang biasa kita sebut Tembok Besar China atau The Great Wall of China. Mereka meyakini bahwa tidak satu pun yang mampu memanjatnya karena ketinggiannya yang luar biasa.
Akan tetapi, pada seratus tahun pertama pasca pembangunan tembok tersebut, bangsa China diserang sebanyak tiga kali! Setiap kali bala tentara musuh melakukan penyerangan, mereka tidak perlu sampai harus menghancurkan tembok atau memanjatnya.

Setiap kali (melakukan penyerangan), mereka cukup menyuap para penjaga tembok kemudian mereka masuk melalui pintu yang ada. Masyarakat China saat itu tersibukkan dengan pembangunan tembok dan mereka melupakan pembangunan para penjaga tembok tersebut. Yaitu membangun manusianya! sebelum membangun yang lainnya. Dan inilah yang dibutuhkan oleh para pelajar (generasi muda) kita saat ini.

Salah seorang orientalis berkata:
Apabila Anda bermaksud menghancurkan suatu peradaban beserta induknya, ada tiga metode yaitu :

1. Hancurkan keluarga mereka

Untuk menghancurkan keluarga, maka hilangkan peran seorang Ibu dan jadikan dirinya merasa malu dengan sebutan “ibu rumah tangga”.

2. Hancurkan pendidikan mereka

Untuk menghancurkan pendidikan, hilangkan peran seorang Guru, jadikan dirinya tidak penting di masyarakat, kecilkan kedudukannya sehingga murid-muridnya pun turut merendahkannya.

3. Jatuhkan (kehormatan) panutan mereka

Untuk menjatuhkan kehormatan para panutan, silakan tikam kehormatan para ulama, kecilkan tugas mereka, sebarkan keraguan terhadap mereka sehingga mereka tidak akan didengar dan diikuti lagi oleh seorang pun.

Apabila “seorang Ibu yang penuh perhatian” telah hilang, “seorang Guru yang tulus” telah tiada, dan Panutan pun telah dijatuhkan kemuliaannya, lantas siapa gerangan yang akan mendidik para generasi muda di atas nilai-nilai yang luhur?
Perkataan yang sangat penting sekali.

Diterjemahkan oleh Ust. Abu Salma Muhammad, dari teks bahasa Arab kiriman Ust. DR. Nurul Mukhlisin

The Gender Agreement Between Nouns and Characterizing Words In The Singular

The adjectives and adjectival words are registered in the dictionaries in the Masculine. You can make other gender forms on your own if you follow the rules which will be stipulated further.

The gender agreement between nouns and adjectives

The Masculine adjectival endings which a foreign learner may trace from the dictionary are as follows:

  • to be continued…

Foreign Indeclinable Nouns and Their Gender Agreement

There is a group of nouns of foreign origin in Russian which do not decline. E.g.

шоссе – highway радио – radio (set)
метро – subway кино – movies, cinema
такси – taxi ателье – studio, dress shop
кафе – cafe бюро – office
купе – compartment интервью – interview

All these words are Neuter and their Gender agreement and pronoun replacement is Neuter. E.g.

Минское шоссе – Minsk highway – оно
интересно интервью – interesting intervew – оно
новое палто – new overcoat – оно

but горячий кофе – Masculine – hot coffe

How to Establish The Gender of Place Names

All the place names could be divided into 2 groups:

First Group

The place names have the endings which formally fit the Russian system of endings:

M. Китай, Тайланд, Вьетнам, Амур, Енисеи – он
F. Россия, Финляния, Америка, Волга – она
N. Приморье – оно

Second Group

There are many place names which do not fit the Russian system of endings:

баку, Сочи, Тбилиси, Хельсинки, Миссури, Таити, Токио, Онтарио

These words exist only in this unchangeable (indeclinable) form. Their gender is established in a special way (throught association with the «generic» word).

Replacing Singular Nouns by Personal Pronouns

A noun could be replaced by the following personal pronouns depending on the established gender:

1. Masculine nouns by он – he, it

Где ваш друг? «» Вот он.

Где ваш дом? «» Вот он.

2. Feminine nouns by она – she, it

Где ваша машина? «» Вот она.

Где ваша мама? «» Вот она.

3. Neuter nouns by оно – it

Где ваше место? «» Вот оно.

Где это здание? «» Вот оно.

The Gender of Soft Sign Nouns

A very big group of nouns ending in –ь (soft sign) could be either Feminine or Masculine. The Gender of these nouns could be found in the dictionaries.

1. Nouns denoting males («natural masculines») are Masculine:

гость – guest, водитель – driver, учитель – teacher, писатель – writer, царь – Tzar, король – king, вратарь – goalkeeper, etc.

2. Names of months ending in –ь are all Masculine:

январь – January, февраль – February, etc.

3. «Natural» feminines are all Feminine:

мать – mother, дочь – daughter, etc.

4. Nouns ending in –знь, –сть, – сь are Feminine:

жизнь – life, новость – news, подлись – signature, etc.

How to Establish The Gender of a Noun

All Russian nouns are attributed to one of the three genders:

  1. Masculine (M)
  2. Feminine (F)
  3. Neuter (N)

You will be glad to know that the gender of the majority of the Russian nouns one can tell from the ending of the dictionary from (Nominative Case).

The gender of nouns is mostly a formal thing. Now you will learn how to determine the gender of a noun.

1. Nouns ending in consonants and –й are  Masculine:

дом – house друг – friend иузей – musuem
человек – man город – city Китай – China

2. Nouns ending –а, –я, –ья, –ия are Feminine:

мама – mama неделя – week статья – article
машина – car Волга – Volga фамилия – surname

3. Nouns ending in-о, –е, –ье, –ие are Neuter:

место – seat купе – compartment телевидение – TV
море – sea здание – building здоровье – health

But things are never that simple in languages: irrespective of the Feminineа, –я ending a small group of nouns denoting males has Masculine gender agreement (so called «Natural Masculines»):

папа – father, dad дедушка – grandfather
мужчина – man дядя – uncle

The following nouns are Neuter:

время – time меню – menu имя – name
жюри – jury интервью – interview такси – taxi

10 Reasons Why You May Want to Learn The Russian Language

You might already have your own good reasons for learning Russian. Perhaps you like the sound of the Russian accent, or admire the Russian ballet and literature, or want to get a Russian girlfriend or meet your prince charming. Maybe you plan to do business in Russia or simply want to visit Moscow as a tourist. Just in case you are still wondering about the benefits of learning Russian, here are ten great reasons to get started.

1. You are passionate about Russian classical literature and dream to read the works of Russian classics in the original

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Talented Russian writers – Bunin, Chekhov, Pushkin – are authors of amazingly interesting literary works. The famous writings of Leo Tolstoy, Fyodor Dostoevsky and Nikolai Gogol convey the essence of the Russian soul. However, the Russian culture is known not only for its writers. Many brilliant musicians and singers such like Oistrakh, Chaliapin, Tchaikovsky, and dozens others also came from Russia. The glory of Russian ballet and its stars Anna Pavlova, Mikhail Baryshnikov, and Rudolf Nureyev does not subside even today. Russian cultural heritage is widely known throughout the world and knowledge of the Russian language is a must to fully enjoy and understand it.

2. You have heard a lot about the beauty and modesty of Russian women and want to find your destiny in Russia

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The amazing and mysterious Russian women have been the Muses of many great artists and writers. People have told legends about the beauty of Russian women, while the traditions and peculiarities of Russian upbringing shape their noble and modest character. Russian women make wonderful hosts and place great importance on family values. Many men from different countries of the world dream of having a Russian woman as a wife. Therefore, besides learning the language of love, it would be perfect to master the native language of your future “second half”.

3. You are aware of Russia’s lucrative investment opportunities and consider establishing a company in Russia

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© themoscowtimes.com

If you are going on a business trip to Russia, you want to be prepared to communicate with your Russian business partners. Russian entrepreneurs are well-versed in international economics and willingly establish business relationships with partners from abroad. Russia is adequately represented in the international arena. Due to the size of the country and its natural resources, the Russian market is of great interest to foreign businessmen. And serious business requires a serious approach – the knowledge of the Russian language is a must for efficient communication with your new business partners.

4. You are an ambitious traveller and Russia is the next stop on your travel list

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Many foreigners have set to travel across Russia at various times. Russia is a fascinating and exotic country. It occupies a vast territory offering plenty of opportunities to enjoy resort towns with spectacular beaches, experience the taiga with its diverse wildlife and unexplored places, visit the Russian Far East where the sun rises while people in the Western parts of the country are still fast asleep. There is so much to see and do in Russia, and speaking a little Russian will help you to meet all sorts of fascinating people and make the most of every moment.

5. You know that life in Russia is very different from life in the West. You are interested in everything connected with the Russian way of life, habits and mentality

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Life in Russia is not quite the same as in the Western world. Everything from upbringing of children to family values to friends and relationships has its own flavor in Russia. The system of education (kindergartens, schools), health services, and work of various official organizations – all this is often radically different from what is common for the Western Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand. You will find it much easier to quench your thirst to all things Russian if you can speak and understand the Russian language.

6. You like to meet new people from around the globe but don’t have enough knowledge of the language to talk to your Russian friends. Your Russian friends will certainly be very pleased if you can understand them better

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The latest advances in technology have opened limitless opportunities for communication. The distance is no longer a barrier. In just a few hours, anybody with a computer and Internet connection can make dozens new friends with similar interests from around the world. Russian Internet users are actively exploring the virtual space – run personal blogs, post Twitter updates, connect with people via numerous social networks, and gain new knowledge about other countries of the world. In Russian schools, English is taught starting from the elementary grades, therefore most Russians can understand a few English phrases and express simple ideas in English. So why not learn a little bit of Russian? After all, it’s much easier and more interesting to communicate with friends from abroad if you can understand the language of each other.

7. Russian language is the most widely spoken among Slavic languages. You should certainly learn it – there are about 300 million total speakers of Russian in the world

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Russian became one of the languages of world communication – a global language – as early as in the twentieth century. Today, there are less than ten global languages in the world. This means that the Russian language – just like English, French or German – is used for communication by a very large number of people around the globe. In addition, Russian is one of the official UN languages. Out of approximately 300 million people in the world who know Russian, 160 million people consider it to be their native language. The Russian language is ranked the fifth most prevalent language in the world.

8. You are seriously interested in history of Russia. The knowledge of the Russian language is required for you to work with archival documents

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The historical past of Russia is of great importance for understanding the World history. In fact, Russia played crucial role in the development of the world during the past several centuries. The Russian authorities have recently opened access to a variety of archives storing many invaluable documents. These materials enable researchers to look into the past and understand the reasons behind many global events. However, the study of these documents is only possible if you understand Russian. Want to better know the history of Russia and the world? Start learning Russian!

9. You plan to adopt a child from Russia

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International adoption of children from Russia became possible in the early 1990’s. Since that time, Russia has been one of the top sending countries. Today, there is an estimated 750,000 children living in baby homes and orphanages in Russia. They dream about a new family, a cozy house, and affection of mother and father. And some adults find that it’s in their power to give the child a miracle and make him or her happy. If you are planning to adopt a child from Russia, you should start learning Russian now. Many adoptive families agree that it’s important to know more than just “yes” and “no” in Russian.

10. You have a lot of free time. Why not learn a foreign language like Russian? Especially when it has such an unusual and original sound for native English speakers

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Every person should strive to develop and improve. A wise man will always find it interesting to make new discoveries and master new knowledge. It is believed that the more languages a person knows the more intelligent and educated he or she becomes. Learning the Russian language should be twice as interesting because it is very challenging to learn and many native English speakers find Russian accent to be unusual and beautiful.